Live Oakmont is a property management company that was founded in 2011 with the aim of providing exceptional service to its residents. The company's primary goal is to create what it calls the "Oakmont lifestyle," where residents are not just renting an apartment, but are part of a vibrant and engaging community.

From the beginning, Live Oakmont has focused on creating an environment that fosters a sense of community and belonging. The company achieves this by providing luxurious amenities, responsive office and maintenance staff, and frequent resident events that encourage social interaction.

As Live Oakmont has grown, it has continued to prioritize its commitment to exceptional service and creating a true community within its properties. Today, the company manages multiple properties across the United States, serving thousands of residents.

In addition to its focus on creating a sense of community, Live Oakmont also places a strong emphasis on providing residents with luxurious amenities. This includes features like swimming pools, fitness centers, and pet-friendly facilities, all of which are designed to enhance residents' quality of life.

Through its dedication to exceptional service and creating a true community, Live Oakmont has become a well-respected name in the property management industry. The company continues to focus on providing the Oakmont lifestyle to all its residents, ensuring that they feel at home in their apartments and are part of a welcoming and engaging community.